Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

Hello shooters, if you want to know how many types of lenses for DSLR Camera in the world mean the different types of lenses of DSLR camera, then this post is perfect for you.

Nowadays, peoples are confusing that which lens need to use? Or what is the name of the lens? Or which lenses are can be mount in which camera?

Today I am going to give you all the information about the lenses so read this post carefully. I am going to tell you about the different types of lenses.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

First of all, let me tell you that the camera's lens manufacturers are making all lenses according to the full frame size sensor. So if you have any sensor camera you need to identify these lenses to keep the full frame size sensor.

Like if you have a camera full frame sensor, then all the lenses will give a perfect natural view to your camera. If you have a small sensor camera then you will see a slight difference in the quality of these lenses.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

Shooters, there are only three types of lenses in this world. Standard, Wide and Zoom Lens And there are many types of these three. You have a camera with Canon, Nikon, Sony or any company. But lenses are similar to work. Let's understand each one by one.

Bonus - The 50mm lens gives a perfect natural view with a full-frame sensor camera.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

What is the Standard Lens?

The standard lens is using for natural view photography or videography. For natural view photography or videography, peoples are using this lens which comes with 25mm to 70mm. This type of lenses provides the best quality of the natural picture.

You will get the footage in such a lens as you see with your eyes. No more zoom nor too wide.

What is Wide Angle Lens?

Wide Angle Lens is covering a large area at once. Which lenses come with 24mm or less mm. By the way, you can get any wide lens with focal length from 8mm to 24mm.

Such lenses cover very large areas. Let me tell you one thing that if the focal length (mm) of the lens is too low then it will cover a big area. These lenses mostly using for photography, such as rivers, mountains, large or high-rise buildings. These wide angle lenses are using to capture a very large area.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

Today, peoples are also using Wide Angle Lens for the video. The biggest example of this video is Vlogs.

Vlogging is a selfie-like video. Most people do not get fulfilled in selfies, then they capture their huge area using Wide Angle Lens. That means the lens that captures a large area and its focal length below to 24mm is called the Wide Angle Lens.

What is Zoom Lens?

Zoom Lens comes with the focal length of 70mm or higher. Because you can zoom far with this type of lens. The Zoom Lens is available from 18mm to 800mm in the market. Let me tell you that the Zoom Lens also has two categories. And I will tell you about it further.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

In fact, in Zoom Lens, you will see two focal lengths (mm) sizes like 18-55mm or 55-250mm. And you can set such a lens on different focal length (mm) so that the lens is a zoom lens. So I mean to say that the lens you can zoom is called the Zoom Lens. Whether it zooms little bit or zooms too much, it will say zoom lens.

Peoples are using zoom lenses for Sports, Wildlife, Astronomy, etc. Because Zoom Lens can zoom far.

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What is KIT Lens - Hindi

KIT Lens comes with the camera. Such as 18-55mm and 55-250mm. Such lenses are very basic. Aperture is not good at these.

These are both zoom lenses because you can zoom this lens. The lens of 18mm to 55mm zooms less and the 55mm to 250mm lens zooms more.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

These lenses are very cheap comparing with other lenses, so such lenses you get with any DSLR camera. Common peoples are using this type of lens. Because such lenses are right for common peoples.

If a person purchases a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera for the first time, then he has to learn first from KIT Lens only. Then he can identify the rest of the lenses.

What is Prime Lens?

Prime Lens has only one single focal length (mm). You can not even zoom in like 50mm or 25mm lenses.

If you zoom in such lenses then these lenses also fall into the categories of Standard Lens. Due to Prime Lens being a single mm it is not can zoom.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

Expert and Professional peoples are using prime Lens. Such lenses are also very expensive and their quality is excellent.

50mm Prime Lens most popular lens in categories of the prime lens. Because its picture quality is very good compared to KIT Lens. Because its 1.8 aperture creating a very sharp picture and get more depth of field means background got more blurred.

What is Fish Eye Lens?

As you can see in the photo below, the Fish Eye Lens is curved outside like a convex lens. Such lenses cover the widest area.

The focal length of the fisheye lens is very small. The fisheye lens comes with a focal length of 5mm to 15mm in the market. And such lenses are very very expensive.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

Only professional photographers using Fish Eye Lens. Fish Eye Lens is using to capture any large area in a single photo. Fish Eye Lens is not right for video. because it makes such kind of non-natural video.

Fish Eye Lens also produces very good effects. As you can see in the photo below, what kind of picture can be made from Fish Eye Lens.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera
Fish Eye Lens Effect

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What is Micro Lens?

Microlenses are using to capture the smallest subject like house flies, worms or anything that is too small.

Microlenses can do work with the back of a lens. Just like you have mounted any lens upside down This means that if you mount a lens upside down, instead of focusing away things, the camera starts focusing on the things that are nearest.

Types of Lens for DSLR Camera

With a normal lens, you can focus on something away from at least 10 inches. But with Micro Lens, you can focus in 1 inch or fewer nearby.

On Amazon, you can get Adaptor to mount the lens upside down for any lens. Which is very cheap.

But along with focusing on something beyond the original Micro Lens, the picture becomes quite sharp. As you can see in the photo above.

Zoom Lens vs Telephoto Lens

Some people have confusing about Zoom Lens and Telephoto Lens. They think both lenses are the same lens. But this is wrong. Zoom lens and Telephoto Lens are different.

I have already told you about the zoom lens that the lens can zoom in. Whether it is less zoom or too much zoom. Such lenses are called zoom lenses.

The telephoto lens is called lenses which are already zoomed. You can change the focal length. Its focal length is fixed. So such a lens is called Telephoto Lens.

I have told you about all of the lenses in the world. If you have any questions in mind then you can comment.

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